Set Decorator

       "Capital One"-Louisiana Purchase, Mona Lisa (Commercial) - Rob Pearson P.D.

       "The Good Place" (TV-NBC) - Season 2 - Matt Flynn P.D.       

       "VEEP" (TV-HBO) - Season 5 - Jim Gloster P.D.

       "Love" - (TV - Netflix) - Season 2 - Ian Phillips P.D.       

       "HomeGoods" (TV) - Fall 2015 Commercials - Rob Pearson P.D.

       "Love" - (TV - Netflix) - Season 1 - Ian Phillips P.D.

       "The Player" - (TV - Sony) - Pilot - Randel Groves P.D.

       "The Grinder" - (Fox) Pilot - Ethan Tobman P.D.

       “Parks and Recreation” –(TV- NBC/Universal) Seasons 4,5,6,7 – Ian Phillips P.D.

       “Old Soul” – (TV,NBC/Universal) Pilot – Ian Philips P.D.

       “Spoils of Babylon” – (TV- IFC, FunnyOrDie) Mini-Series – Mark Snelgrove P.D.     

       “Brooklyn 99” – (TV –NBC/Fox) Pilot – Ian Phillips P.D.

       “Animal Kingdom” – (TV- NBC/Universal) Pilot – Derek Hill P.D.

       “Bones” - (TV- Fox) Seasons 2,3,4,5,6 Phil Toolin P.D., Michael Mayer P.D.

       “Toy Story 3” commercial 2010 -  Cory Lorenzen P.D.

       “Fanboys” - (F.F. -Weinstein Company) - Cory Lorenzen P.D.

       “Gay Robot” – (TV-Happy Madison Prods) Pilot -Dawn Snyder P.D.

       “Caffeine” - (F.F. -Steaming Hot productions) - Edward L. Rubin P.D.

       “Jane Doe - Part 3” (TV -Larry Levinson Productions) Edward L Rubin P.D.

       “Jane Doe - Part 2” (TV -Larry Levinson Productions) - Nick Ralbovsky P.D.

       “Jane Doe” (TV - Larry Levinson Productions) John Zachary P.D.

       “Annie's Point” (TV -Larry Levinson Productions) John Zachary P.D.

       “Ordinary Miracles” (TV -Larry Levinson Productions) John Zachary P.D.

Assistant Art Director

                      Beachwood Services  - Drafting Stock Sets for Sony Inventory

                  “Wheel of Fortune” (TV- Sony) Dick Stiles P.D. Renee Hoss-Johnson P.D.

                  "Jeopardy” (TV- Sony) Naomi Slodki P.D. Matthew Carey

Art Department Coordinator

                  “What About Brian” (TV- Pilot -Bad Robot Productions) Derek R. Hill P.D.

                  “Philly” (TV-ABC/Steven Bochco Productions) - Paul Eads P.D.

                  “Fearless” (TV -Pilot WB / Jerry Bruckheimer Prods) Lawrence Bennett P.D.

Art Department Assistant

                    “American Dreams” (TV/ NBC) Season 1,2 Phil Toolin P.D.

                 “Wonderland” (F.F. -Lions Gate Films) Franco-Giacomo Carbone P.D.

                 “Pretty When You Cry” (F.F.Gebbia Productions) Franco-Giacomo Carbone P.D.

Member of Set Decorators Society of America

Member of the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences Peer Group